Photo Topics (Jul. '20)

Why don’t you Come to See the Flowers at Kana Garden Celebrating its 10th Anniversary?

   Whenever you visit Kana Garden, you can have joy of appreciating seasonal nature created by the flowers and greenery.  The garden celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.  After the closure period affected by COVID-19, the garden was reopened in June and welcomed visitors with a beautiful hydrangea blossoming in clumps.  In July, lotus flowers and water lilies will come to full bloom, in addition to the herbs and vegetables grown in the garden.  Kana Garden will always be a place to visit when you want to commune with nature. 

kana garden     

開園10周年の花菜ガーデン  花たちに会いに行ってみませんか




Demonstration Project Kicked off for Avatar Robot “newme”

   Newme is an avatar robot you can remote control to communicate with someone far away looking at the face.  Demonstration project was started to use newme for virtual visit at a nursing-care facility and welfare facility for persons with disabilities, where visits have been restricted to prevent the novel coronavirus infection.  Family of a resident can have online chat with the resident by controlling newme placed in these facilities from home.  Virtual going home or traveling will also be planned for residents having trouble outing, toward the establishment of a new social model for the future.
(Photo courtesy of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store)