Photo Topics (Feb. '20)

“Jewels of Shonan”, Festival of Colors and Lights in Enoshima Island

   Enoshima is lit up for the 20th time this winter for “Jewels of Shonan”.  This light festival had been created and improved by the local government-private cooperation, and became so popular as to be selected for the Three Major Illuminations in the Kanto Region.  The island is wholly lit up, and you will feel as if you were in the sea of lights.  After three months, the event will come to the finale on February 16.  Spend a fantastic time on Enoshima enjoying the change of the sky colors in the evening, the moment of lighting and the whole island filled with light.

  Jewels of Shonan   

江の島を彩る光と色の祭典 「湘南の宝石」




“Wonderful Illuminations of Hakone” Project

   The project was organized for the second time on the theme of “illumination”, aimed to PR winter-time Hakone to tourists in cooperation with local museums, transportation companies, accommodations, amusement facilities.  Visitors enjoyed beautifully lit pleasure boats at Lake Ashino-ko, fantastically decorated museums, etc.  In the clear air of winter following the fall foliage, the events of peaceful illuminations held at many places of the area brought about a heartwarming feeling to freezing Hakone through Christmas and the year end and New Year holidays.

*Only Hakone Komagatake Ropeway will be lit up on Saturdays in February.

Wonderful Illuminations of Hakone