Photo Topics (May. '19)

MICE Guide “Unique Venues of KANAGAWA” Just Completed

   “Unique Venues” signifies historical architecture, cultural facilities and public spaces, etc. which can be utilized for conventions and receptions giving a special atmosphere.  To introduce attractive and unique MICE locations in Kanagawa, a guidebook “Unique Venues of KANAGAWA” was compiled.  With beautiful photographs, it aims to promote use of these venues not only by large-scale international conferences and exhibitions but also medium/small events, such as corporate training and study tours of schools.  The guidebook will be distributed to convention operators, tour operators and companies.

unique venues of kanagawa

MICEガイド「Unique Venues of KANAGAWA」ができました

 ユニークべニューとは、会議やレセプション会場として使用することで特別感を演出する、歴史的建造物、文化施設や公的空間のこと。神奈川県内の魅力的なMICE関連施設を大規模な国際会議や展示会だけでなく企業研修や修学旅行などの中小規模の行事にも活用していただけるよう、MICEガイド「Unique Venues of KANAGAWA」を作成しました。県内の個性的な会場のご案内が、美しい写真と共に掲載されています。今後、会議専門会社やランドオペレーター、企業等を中心に配布し、ご紹介していきます。



Enjoy Strolling through the Fragrant Roses --- Garden Necklace Yokohama 2019

      The season of roses has come again.  Kanagawa’s rose viewing spots are scattered all over the prefecture, and one of the major sites is central Yokohama.  Garden Necklace Yokohama, an event newly started in 2018, attracted many visitors who enjoyed well-known rose spots in the area from Yokohama Station through Motomachi.  The event is scaled up this year, titled as Yokohama Rose Week, and will be held as a leading rose event in the country.  In addition to the various types of gardens and displays, the event features food and drinks, as well as the latest species to be released at Osanbashi Hall.

rose gardens