Information on Hakone & Owakudani



Message from Governor Kuroiwa

Near-crater warning (Volcanic Alert Level 2) was issued for Mt. Hakone and entry to the near-crater area is being restricted.

Since the area had an increase in the volcanic activities in 2015, Kanagawa Prefectural Government has enhanced and strengthened the measures to monitor the volcano with the Geo-thermal Research Institute. In cooperation with Hakone Town and local business operators, we also formulated the evacuation plan in case of a volcanic eruption, and conducted disaster drills based on the plan with an aim to prevent any human damage.

We will continue to make efforts to provide precise, detailed and timely information to cause no human damage and no harmful rumors.

Hakone is a wide area, and the alert covers only a part of it. Please examine the information provided by Kanagawa Prefectural Government and Hakone Town, and react calmly.

Yuji Kuroiwa
Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture


Information on Hakone & Owakudani

Entry Regulation

Currently, the assumed crater area (within a radius of 440 to 530m), the circled area on the map, and the area between Owakudani-sansaro (three-forked road) and Owakudani-enchi Parking on the Prefectural Route 734 (Owakudani-kowakudani) is designated as the warning zone.

Since Mt. Hakone’s Volcanic Alert Level was raised to 2, or “near-crater warning” by the Meteorological Agency at 2:15, May 19, 2019, entry to Owakudani-enchi is presently restricted all day, although it had been partially re-opened since July 26, 2016.

Note: Warning zone is designated by the Mayor of municipalities based on the Basic Act on Disaster Control Measures. The entry restriction has legal force and effect.














Hakone Ropeway

All services are cancelled due to the entry regulation and bus services are available as alternative transportation.(The buses do not go to Owakudani Valley.)
See the Hakone Ropeway official website for details.

Prefectural Route

The traffic between Owakudani-sansaro (three-forked road) andOwakudani-enchi Parking on the Prefectural Route 734(Owakudani-kowakudani Line) is closed.
Traffic restriction may be changed depending on the volcanic activities.

Hiking Trails

Partially closed between Bogasawa, Mt. Komagatake, Owakudani Valley, Sounzan Sta. and Ubako Sta. (about 3km in total).

Current Status

A telescopic live camera is monitoring the steaming activities of the whole Owakudani area.
Link to Owakudani telescopic live camera (Account of the Disaster Management Measures Division on YouTube)