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Fantastic Show of Light and Sound---Illumination Event at Odawara Castle   

     Odawara Castle is said to have been impregnable in the age of provincial wars.  This famous castle is illuminated by colorful lights in the event.  The overwelming scale of the beautiful images of seasonal flowers and stereophonic sound from 20 speakers combined is just impressive.  You can enjoy this experience until March 4.  Another popular program is a small illumination show that you can start with your friends and family by holding each other’s hands and touching the sensor buttons.

Photo: Illuminated castle

光と音のファンタジーショー 小田原城イルミネーションイベント




“Plum Festival” of Yugawara Plum Grove

Yugawara, a town well-known as a hot spring resort, is filled with scent of plum blossoms in early spring.  As many as four thousand plum trees all in full bloom are covering the mountain-foot area just like a gorgeous carpet.  The festival, which is held for the 23rd time this year, is a popular annual event that bustles with many visitors enjoying food stalls and shops selling local specialties, as well as stage performances of singing, dancing and traditional instruments.

Photo: Plum blossoms





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