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Children's Future Supporting Team Kick-off Event and Matching Forum to be Held on February 7!

Photo: Poster of the event


      There are children who have to give up club activities or continuing education, feel alienated at school and cannot have hopes for the future due to the environment where they grow up.  It is difficult for these children to ask for help to adults around them, and this is making their situation unnoticed.  Support for children who will create the future of our society is an important issue that should be addressed not only by the governments but also the society as a whole.


      In November last year, Kanagawa Prefectural Government established “Children’s Future Supporting Team” in cooperation with the municipal governments, business and other relevant organizations, universities, etc. aiming to create a society where all children, including those in difficult environment, can be hopeful about the future.  By disseminating information in website and holding events, the Team will connect community activities to support children, such as Kodomo Shokudo (canteen for kids) and learning assistance class, with individuals, companies and organizations willing to join these activities.


Logo of the Supporting Team      On February 7, we will hold events to mark the establishment of the Team.  There will be a special talk session by Governor Yuji Kuroiwa and Ai Sugiyama, a former professional tennis player and children supporting ambassador, and a matching forum.  In the matching forum, we will have case presentations by an organization running a canteen for kids and companies supporting children.  Networking reception is also planned.


      The events will be held at Radiant Hall, located near Isezakichojamachi Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway from 14:00 to 17:00.

Photo: Children


     All the people who are interested in supporting children and child rearing, both individuals and organizations, as well as companies interested in assisting activities for children, are welcome.



For more information, please visit the website below.  Applications are accepted through the website and fax by Tuesday, February 6.





Meet your Favorites in Kanagawa!  Winners of Confectionery Competition  


      Kanagawa Prefecture Confectionery Competition is held biannually by Kanagawa Prefectural Government, confectionery industries and Kanagawa Prefecture Tourist Association for the purpose of discovering delicious confectioneries.  Here are the winners of the 28th competition.

Photo:Grand Prize winning work


      The Grand Prize of the general section went to “Fresh Pudding with Raw Egg” of Elysee-hikaru International.

      This is the completely new experience of eating pudding.  When you have the vanilla-flavored mousse and caramel sauce with the selected egg yolk all together, the taste of pudding fills your mouth.  Enjoy the rich flavor of the Keijuran egg yolk, the quality egg produced by Kotobuki Farm.  The key of this fresh pudding is the rich taste of the bright yellow egg yolk the chef has sought after.
Price including tax (for four cups): \3,780 http://www.elysee-hikaru.com/


      Excellence awards of the same section went to “Apple Pie from the Port-opening Days’ Recipe” of Sanyo Bussan Corp. and “Mellow Cheese with Sesame and Miso Flavor with Hot Sansho Spice” of confectionery shop La Mer.

Photo: Excellence award winning work

      The apple pie was created based on the recipe of the first western cook book translated into Japanese.  Published in 1872, the cook book conveys the history and culture of Yokohama at the time of the Civilization.  Pastry chefs kneaded the pie dough by hand just like the port-opening time, making the butter-flavored pie extremely crispy.
Price including tax: \1,944 http://www.3yo.co.jp/


Photo: Excellence award winning work


      “Mellow Cheese with Sesame and Miso Flavor with Hot Sansho Spice” is a rich baked cheese cake with white Saikyo-miso and white sesame paste adding mild flavor.  The slightly salty taste is accentuated by the spicy sansho, or Japanese pepper.  Sudachi citrus liquor is also used to add sour taste.
Price including tax (for 10 pieces) : \3,240  http://www.shonan-lamer.co.jp/


Photo: Souvenir section winner

      In the souvenir section, “Wind-surfing Cookie Yokosuka Windblue” was awarded for the excellence prize.  Since it was decided that Tsukuihama Beach in Yokosuka City will be hosting Windsurfing World Cup, local food-related businesses including restaurants, bakeries, cafés and cake shops created various menus and products under the name of “Yokosuka Windblue”.

      One of the new products created to give a boost to the matches and vitalize the local community is Wind-surfing Cookie Yokosuka Windblue.  This cookie is made with selected ingredients produced in this region, such as top-quality butter and choice eggs, with the least possible additives in consideration of safety.

      The cute package is designed by Ms. Emiko Sunayama, a picture book author living in Yokosuka. 
Price including tax (for 3 pieces) : \750  http://sweets-cachecache.net/


      These are just a part of many entries.  Why don’t you add creative sweets-hunting to your Kanagawa stay plan and find your favorite one?




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