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Colorful Tulips Blossoming in Mid-winter    

      Enoshima Island is one of the most popular tourist spots of the Shonan area.  Samuel Cocking Garden on top of the mountain-shaped island is colored with 20,000 tulips in January.  Though known as “winter tulip”, they are not special species.  Kept refrigerated for a long time before planting, the bulbs sprout and bear flowers as if spring had come.  Tulips in this garden are the first to bring the breath of spring to Kanagawa, and stay beautiful for as long as a month. 

Photo: Winter tulips in Enoshima





Giving Brave Cheers in the Chilly Ocean

At the Katase-higashi Beach in midwinter, portable shrine parades take place to pray for safety and good health for the year.  Following the ritual to celebrate the youngsters who have just come of age, four portable shrines are carried into the sea in high spirits.  The highlight is the bearers valiantly rushing into the water without wincing at severe coldness.  It is an annual event of the New Year that draws many spectators.        

Photo: Portable shrine procession in the cold





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