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Christmas Illuminations in Miyagase    

      The Lake Miyagase area in western Kanagawa is known for its gorgeous Christmas illuminations.  In the chilly air of December, the towering Christmas tree with glittering ornaments looks so overwelming.  Growing naturally, the fur tree is as tall as 30m.  The lake-side area is decorated with various illuminations until Christmas.  During this period, the area, which is usually calm, is at the height of excitement with events like parade, stage performance and food stalls. 

Photo: Christmas illuminations at Miyagase





Iizumi Kannon Dharma Doll Fair in Odawara

The Dharma doll is modeled after a monk who founded a Buddhism sect.  The doll is widely popular today as a good luck charm regardless of religion or religious sect.  From the year-end to New Year, traditional fairs to sell Dharma dolls are held across the country.  The Dharma Doll Fair of Iizumi Kannon temple in Odawara City opens earliest in the Kanto region, and is known as a special feature of the end of the year.  The precincts are full of stalls and bustle with families praying for well-being and safety and thriving business.        

Photo: Dharma Fair at Iizumi Kannon





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