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Let's Have a Night Out on Wednesdays! Enjoy Casual Entertainment over Snacks in "Magcul Night"


 Flyer of Magcul Night     "Magcul Night" offers entertainment programs that anyone can enjoy casually drinking and eating.  Different programs are organized every week, such as stand-up comedy, jazz concert and busking.  Kanagawa Prefecture wishes that many people will experience culture and art of various genres through the Magcul Night programs.  We also aim to develop culture and art human resources and create even more lively and bustling community toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


      Magcul Night is held every Wednesday night beginning on November 15, 2017.  The performance is about 30 minutes each and held twice a day at 19:30 and 21:00.  (No program on December 27, January 3 and March 21.)


      Yokohama Three S is the stage of the shows.  It is five-minutes walk from JR Kannai Station.  (B1F, Daiichi Kokusai Building, 4-45 Otacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City)   


      You can enjoy performances like stand-up comedy, jazz live concert and busking.  If you like the show please throw money, the amount you think it deserves, to the performer.  Your support to the performers will be greatly appreciated.  Meals and drinks are charged separately from the show, and at least a drink must be ordered per person.

Photo: Jazz live concert


[Jazz concert on November 15]
      The pre-opening event of Magcul Night was held on November 15 at 19:30.  Shiori Fukuyama with Meganees gave a soul-stirring jazz concert which grabbed the audience.  Fukuyama introduced the numbers with brief episodes between performances creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere even for first-time listners of jazz music.


       Magcul night will continue to offer attractive programs every week.  Why don't you have a night out on Wednesdays here at Yokohama Three S and enjoy cultural and artistic encounters?


[Information on Magcul Night in December]
3rd program: December 6 (jazz concert)
4th program: December 13 (stand-up comedy)
5th program: December 20 (busking)
No performance on December 27.



Share Your Favorite Piece of Kanagawa! “Boast Kanagawa to the World” Photo Contest   

Photo Contest


      During the coming years, Kanagawa will have numerous world-class events such as Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Many tourists are expected for these international events. Hoping they will visit every nice spot in the prefecture, Kanagawa Tourism Association is holding “Boast Kanagawa to the World” Photo Contest. Choose your best photo depicting landscape or nature of the season, building or event that you can see only in Kanagawa and enter the contest!

      The contest consists of three sections. Entries from foreign nationals as well as longtime Kanagawa residents are welcome. If you moved to Kanagawa from overseas, pick up photos that can convey its attractive features to people of your country. Up to three photos per person are accepted.


1. Landscape Unique to Kanagawa
      Choose photos of landscape which can be recognized as Kanagawa’s at a glance.  Photos taken from a completely new angle, or new spots you can enjoy as a tourist will be also welcome. We wait for photos showing unique and special landscape of Kanagawa.

2. Infrastructure Tourism
      Photos of public properties or infrastructure facilities such as dam, bridge, road, port are awaited in this section. Their beautiful form and magnificent scale, which are made possible by the excellent engineering technologies of Japan, give a stunning impact on us. Convey the beauty through your shot.  *Privately-owned factories, buildings, transportation facilities and lighthouses are
not eligible.

3. “Kawaii” photos
      You must have said “kawaii! (how cute!)” without thinking when you saw an image on the Internet. If there is something or someplace you think “kawaii” or colorful, you might want to take a photo and post it on the Instagram or SNS.  Why don’t you send it to us to enter this contest? We look forward to your “instagenic” pictures!Photo: Judge

      Screening will be conducted by Mr. Katsura Endo, a photographer and Director of Hakone Museum of Photography. There is no requirement for application. Both on-line and postal mail application are accepted.

For details and entry, visit the following:http://kanagawa-kankou.mittex.phj.jp/contest-entrance.html?id=189112&cn;=9


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