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Horseback Archery on Zushi Beach    

Yabusame, or horseback archery, was performed to pray for peace to reign in Kamakura Period.  Here on Zushi Beach, too,yabusamehas a long-standing history.  An arrow is shot from the back of the horse running at full speed on the beach.  The moment the arrow hits the target, the crowd bursts into a great cheer.  Horseback archery performed against the background of vast ocean is rare even across the country.  Processions of small children and samurai-warriors parade from the shrine to the streets, reproducing the atmosphere of the old time.

Photo: Horseback archery on Zushi Beach





Yokohama Sankeien Garden Dressed for Autumn

Sankeien Garden is a traditional Japanese garden located in Yokohama City.  It has 17 historical structures, including 10 national important cultural buildings, scattered over its extensive premises.  When autumn comes, some of the old architectures in the garden are unveiled to the public, starting on November 22 this year.  This is a special occasion to look into the important cultural properties, whose doors are usually kept closed.  Shunsoro, a tea-ceremony house, looks as if it sits on the golden carpet of gingko leaves.  Colored with vivid red maple leaves is a traditional residential architecture named Choshukaku.  Enjoy the beautiful contrast presented by these ancient buildings that you can see only in this season.         

Photo: Sankeien Garden in autumn

横浜三渓園 秋の装い




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