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Immersed in the Sea of Cosmoses in Kurihama    

In October, Cosmos Garden of Kurihama Flower Park is filled with a million of various types of cosmoses blooming one after another.  The Garden has many attractions, such as Flower Train that you can look out over the flower field aboard.  During the Cosmos Festival, special events will be also held.  Charge-free cosmos picking is one of the most popular programs every year.  It’s a perfect place to fully appreciate the atmosphere of autumn.

Photo: Cosmos Festival



久里浜花の国 http://www.kanagawaparks.com/kurihama-perry/



The Art of Light and Wave, NIGHT WAVE on Zushi Beach

The hustle and bustle of summertime is gone.  Tranquil silence now reigns Zushi Beach.

NIGHT WAVE colors the beach with illumination that is harmonized with the natural landscape.  The beach is made into an art work by the unique technique that highlights the waves in various shapes.  It looks as if the waves were emitting the pale-blue light.  For your special moments, various events like Beach Candles and wind-surfing demonstration are performed.         

Photo: The art of light and wave

光と波の芸術 逗子海岸のNIGHT WAVE

夏の喧騒も過ぎ、静けさを取り戻した逗子海岸。NIGHT WAVEは、自然に調和したイルミネーションでこの時期の海岸を演出します。あたかも波が青白く発光しているような、海の様々な表情を活かす独特の手法で、海岸は一つの芸術作品に。ビーチキャンドルやウインドサーフィン実演など、特別なひと時のためのいろいろなイベントも用意されています。
(写真左:SUP Lighting Demo、写真下:光の水族館)

逗子NIGHT WAVE HP http://www.zushitabi.jp/nw/



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