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Get Together, Everybody 2017

Logo: Get Together, Everybody


      Kanagawa Prefecture will hold an event in which many people, including adults, children, families and friends, get together under the theme of “living together in harmony” through sharing experiences.


      We made a video featuring a song “So Life Goes On”, which was specially composed forViedo: So Life Goes Onthe event “Get Together, Everybody 2017” by its general producer Yuki Kurei.  It’s a very nice song that anyone can easily learn and sing along with.  We plan to sing this theme song and dance together in the event.


      So please watch the video on our website to learn how to dance beforehand and come to join us! Foreign visitors are also welcome!


“Get Together, Everybody” will be held on Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22 at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and its special stage.  For details, please visithttp://www.minna-atsumare.jp/, or search “みんなあつまれ (minna-atsumare) 2017” on the Internet.


[Four main programs]
1. Get Together for Live Concerts
Live music concerts will be performed by many musicians, including Kashitaro Ito, Yuki Kurei, Vicke Blanka, Fire Ball, Pushim, Home Grown, Boys and Men Kenkyusei, Moroha, and Monkichi. (Listed in random order.)  Admission free.

2. Get Together to Play Sports!
Feel free to join and try out various types of sports, such as wheelchair basketball (advance application necessary), boccia, wheelchair rugby, and kick target.

3. Get Together for Art!
Enjoy unique art exhibitions by artists with disabilities and workshops to experience art creation together.

Photo: Food offered at stalls4. Get Together Square (food stalls)
There will be food stalls run by welfare service business operators waiting for visitors with nice dishes.  On October 21, you can enjoy food such as tuna cutlet burger, Pão de queijo, hand-made buckwheat noodles, burdock chocolate cake, and tangerine bun.   On the 22nd, akamoku seaweed bowl, Yokosuka Navy Curry, pizza cooked on a hot iron plate, etc. will be served.    





Big Rescue Kanagawa Accomplished! 
―The 38th Joint Disaster Drill by Nine Metropolitan Prefectures and Cities―   

Photo: Big Rescue Kanagawa


      Kanagawa Prefectural Government conducts a comprehensive disaster drill every year around September 1, the National Disaster Prevention Day, jointly with cities, towns and villages in the prefecture.  This year, too, the sixth drill was successfully held in cooperation with Odawara City, at 22 locations in and outside Kanagawa.


      As the main organizer of this year’s Joint Drill, Kanagawa received the inspection team of the national government led by Prime Minister Abe.

Photo: Big Rescue Kanagawa


     Big Rescue Kanagawa is a practical drill that aims to enhance cooperation between relevant organizations, focusing mainly on medical rescue activities after the occurrence of a large-scale disaster.  DMAT (disaster medical assistance team), medical team of US Forces in Japan, SDF joined the training of triage and patients transportation.  Assuming the rescue of foreign tourists, volunteer members of U.S. Red Cross were invited and played roles of injured patients who did not understand Japanese.

Photo: Big Rescue Kanagawa


     Japan’s police and fire department conducted rescue drills, and various fire services including U.S. Army and Navy’s Fire Department joined a water discharge training.  Demonstration of disaster rescue robots such as drone attracted a lot of attention.

Photo: Big Rescue Kanagawa


      Big Rescue Kanagawa also aims to raise disaster awareness of citizens.  At the Disaster Preparedness Fair area set in the venue, visitors experienced disasters in the earthquake simulation vehicle and rainfall experience vehicle.


      To improve disaster prevention capacity of the community, local residents participated in part of the drill.  They joined water discharge training using a fire hydrant and learned how to use AED.  Voluntary disaster prevention groups and fire companies also conducted a drill.


      Due to the approaching typhoon, unfortunately, part of the programs was cancelled.  However, the broad-area medical transport to take injured patients to another prefecture was conducted.


      Big Rescue Kanagawa is a largest scale drill organized by a local government, where over 100 of various organizations joins.  We look forward to your participation in the next year’s drill.      














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