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Come and Visit our Annual Big Event “Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa 2017”!


Vietnam Festa logo      On September 15, 16 and 17, Yokohama will be the stage of “Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa 2017”.  To be held for the third time, the Festa is going to be the largest ever this year with the venue expanded to the Minatomirai district and the number of food stalls 1.5 times larger than last year.

Photo: Business Program


      Under the theme “FEEL Vietnam”, the Festa presents programs featuring a variety of charms of Vietnam, such as food, tradition, art, culture and tourism.


[Business Program](Friday, September 15)
      Forum to introduce the investment environment of Vietnam and networking reception will be held at Yokohama Bay Sheraton & Towers for business operators.


Photo: Stage performance

[Cultural Exchange Program](10:00 to 20:00, Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, 17)
      Cultural Exchange Program takes place at Nihon-odori Avenue, Kanagawa Prefectural Government Main Building, Zo-no-hana Park and Zo-no-hana Terrace.  You can feel real Vietnam through various events here, which include Vietnamese traditional costume ao dai wearing and photo taking, authentic ao dai fashion show, folk performance of water puppet play with history of over 1,000 years, Japanese speech contest by Vietnamese students, and food stalls that offer Vietnamese food and drinks like pho, fried spring roll and banh mi.

Photo: Water puppet play


      If you shop and spend over a certain amount and collect stamps, you can join the lottery with gorgeous prizes like a hotel coupon and meal voucher. 

Photo: Ms. Rina Kawaei


      Another highlights that you shouldn’t miss are special concert by Vietnam’s popular male group MTV band and talk show by the Festa’s PR ambassador Ms. Rina Kawaei and Governor Kuroiwa.  The festival is sure to be exciting with them.


[Month of Vietnam]
      Considering this September as the “Month of Vietnam”, various programs will be carried out in Kanagawa jointly with the private and regional organizations to boost the momentum for the Vietnam Festa.  Hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in the prefecture will offer Vietnamese dishes and ingredients.  You can also enjoy the musical played by Vietnamese students and movie on Vietnam at cooperating facilities.


      Please visit the official website below for more information on Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa 2017 and the Month of Vietnam filled with various events.


Don’t miss this opportunity to FEEL Vietnam to the fullest!






Important Ukiyo-e Woodblock Prints on Display at Kanagawa Prefectural Library  


      A special exhibition of Yokohama-e, a type of ukiyo-e woodblock print, is open now at Kanagawa Prefectural Library.

Photo: Ukiyo-e depicting Yokohama


      Since the opening of the port on June 2, 1859, after the long period of national seclusion policy, Yokohama rapidly transformed from a sleepy village with only 100 households into a prosperous international city with exoticism.  Foreign people were rarely seen at that time, and they attracted great interests of Japanese people.


      A publishing company in Edo, or present-day Tokyo, picked up the people’s curiosity.  It dispatched ukiyo-e artists to Yokohama and had them draw pictures of Yokohama, featuring the food, clothing, housing and customs, as well as views of towns with western style buildings and the Port of Yokohama.  Once put on sale, the series of ukiyo-e prints won great popularity and more than 800 works were produced.  These pictures are called Yokohama-e or Yokohama ukiyo-e.

Photo: Ukiyo-e depicting Yokohama


      Among the exhibits are valuable genuine Yokohama-e pictures owned by the library, including a work titled “Kanagawa Yokohama Ichiran (View of Yokohama, Kanagawa)” by famous ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige (the 2nd).  There are also panels of reprography.


      In October and November, senior curators of Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History will be invited to give lectures to introduce “kaika-e” or civilization picture.  Kaika-e is a type of ukiyo-e print which depicts society and customs changed in the process of the civilization of the Meiji era.  It is regarded as a genre of ukiyo-e, just like Yokohama-e. The lecturers will explain the intention of producing Yokohama-e and kaika-e, and their values and appeals.  The next project exhibition scheduled to start on Fri., Nov. 10 will introduce kaika-e owned by the prefectural library.

Photo: Exhibition at the library


      Yokohama-e conveys various things to present-time people, such as surprise and curiosity of the people and the change of the city at the time of port opening.  How about thinking of olden days of exotic Yokohama watching ukiyo-e prints in the library?



Kanagawa Prefectural Library:http://www.klnet.pref.kanagawa.jp/yokohama/






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