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PR Video for Rubella Prevention “Miss Campus Talks about the Ideal of Vaccinated Boys”    

Do you know how dangerous rubella can be?  Rubella is highly contagious, and if a woman becomes infected at the early stage of pregnancy, there is a risk of causing a serious physical disorder for her baby.  To protect pregnant women from infection, men should also get vaccinated.  As part of the measures to eradicate rubella, Kanagawa Prefectural Government made a promotion video “Miss Campus Talks about the Ideal of Vaccinated Boys” in collaboration with Campus Lab*.

Please click here to see the video. http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/cnt/f536983/

Campus Lab is a project team formed by winners of university beauty pageant for solution of social issues.  The members are working on planning and practice of various projects in cooperation with companies and local governments.

Photo: Rubella vaccination campaign







Let’s Try Sweetfish Grabbing!

Ayu, or sweetfish is often associated with fresh stream in the summer in Japan.  Atsugi City in Kanagawa Prefecture has been known for ayu fishing since old days.  At the area where Sagami River, Nakatsu River and Koayu River join together in the city, sweetfish grabbing event is held mainly over weekends in August and September.  The fish you catch will be broiled with salt right away.  Enjoy the hot and fresh river fish!

For more information on Atsugi sweetfish grabbing event, visit:
http://www.atsugi-kankou.jp/recommend/feature/ayu-atsugi.html(in Japanese)          

Photo: Sweetfish grabbing event in Atsugi



あつぎアユつかみ取り http://www.atsugi-kankou.jp/recommend/feature/ayu-atsugi.html(日本語)



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