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Yokohama Nighttime Zoo 2017    

Wouldn’t you like to peek at animal life after dark, when the zoo is closed?  This year again, three zoos in Yokohama City will be open until late as a special summer event mainly on Saturdays and Sundays in August.  Lighted up in the darkness, the animals look visionary and beautiful, totally different from daytime.  It is interesting that some of them suddenly become active as night falls.  At Zoorasia, please also enjoy strolling around the food stalls and illumination made to resemble the night markets in Taipei.

Photo: Animals at night

よこはま 夜の動物園2017



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Special Exhibition “Peeling off the Planet”! 
Geological Layer Tells Us Memories of the Earth

The earth has existed long before the first appearance of human beings.  If you carefully study the geological layer, you can find the history of the earth’s activities.  Various natural phenomena that took place on the earth, such as an earthquake, tsunami, eruption and liquefaction, left their marks on the geological strata.  The Special Exhibition at Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History shows many samples of strata directly peeled off from cliffs, which convey the memories of the earth.  A variety of beautiful strata patterns are another highlight of the exhibition that should be noted.            

Photo: Special Exhibition ”Pealing off the Planet”

特別展「地球をはぎ取る」! 地層が伝える大地の記憶



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