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Governor Kuroiwa Made a Successful Visit to Vietnam


Photo: MOU with Hanoi Medical UniversityFrom July 12 to 15, Governor Yuji Kuroiwa visited the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.  The first purpose of the visit was to conclude MOU with Hanoi Medical University on cooperation for establishment of registered dietitian system in Vietnam.  At Hanoi Medical University he visited, Governor made a presentation on Kanagawa’s Healthcare New Frontier policy and measures to the students and staff of the university hospital, followed by active exchange of opinions with them.

Photo: Governor making a presentation


Governor also held a tourism seminar to convey charms of Kanagawa to travel companies of Vietnam.  Also held was a seminar to introduce Kanagawa’s investment environment, which provided opportunity for accompanying Kanagawa-based companies to have business meetings with local companies, elevating expectations for specific future outcome.


Photo: With Prime Minister PhucDuring the visit, Governor Kuroiwa had precious opportunities to meet with leading figures of the Vietnamese government.  Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said accepting companies from Kanagawa is beneficial for both Japan and Vietnam, and he would like to develop better investment environment for Kanagawa businesses.  He also appreciated that Kanagawa had held Vietnam Festa successfully, adding that friendly relations with Kanagawa would be a model of exchanges with local governments.


Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, expressed his wish to attend this year’s Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa.  Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said that she expected a lot from the activities to be conducted based on the MOU between Kanagawa and Hanoi Medical University.


At any meeting, Vietnam Festa was a popular topic, showing that the event was considered important in the government.  The visit gave us opportunities to realize the significance of holding the nation’s largest-class Vietnam event continuously.  Efforts to build good relations with these leaders also resulted in stronger mutual trust, leading to creation of various chances for both.



Yacht Festival on the Largest Scale Ever! "Enjoy the Ocean of Kanagawa 2017" 

Photo: Sailing the ocean of Kanagawa


Kanagawa Prefectural Government is promoting “Kanagawa Sea Project” under the catch phrase of “Feel Shonan” to attract more people from home and abroad to the ocean of Kanagawa.  The Project offers popular activities in various fields such as marine sports, history and culture in a package plan so that holidaymakers will enjoy the sea of Shonan, a well-known coastal area of Kanagawa.


The ocean of Shonan has the Port of Hayama, which is considered as the birthplace of yachting in Japan, and Enoshima, the venue of the sailing competition in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.  Shonan is regarded as the holy place of yachting in the country.

Photo: Festival last year


“Enjoy the Ocean of Kanagawa”, a festival on the theme of yachting, was held for the first time last year for a wide range of generations to feel familiar with ocean and become fans of yachting, in view of the sailing competition of the Olympic Games in Enoshima.


This year, the festival takes place for an expanded term from June to October, at 14 marinas in Kanagawa.  The programs include trial sailing on hansa dinghies, which can be enjoyed safely even by beginners, and cruiser yacht that can take on 10 people, as well as cruising on boat.  You can feel the sea breeze enjoying the landscape from the sea.

Photo: Sailing ocean of Kanagawa


In addition, special programs are scheduled for October.  Last year’s special programs on the 8th and 9th of October included trial ride of yacht and kayak, sunset cruising.  On the land, programs such as farmers’ market, trial ride of electric vehicles and movie display attracted many people.  Please look forward to this year’s special event, too.


Come to Shonan, feel nice at the sea and have a fun experience with yachting.



Feel SHONAN HP (http://www.feelshonan.jp)
ENJOY 海 KANAGAWA (http://www.riviera-r.jp/euk2017)







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