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Illuminating the Castle Town--Odawara Lantern Summer Festival     

Odawara Lantern was created in the City of Odawara in the old days when people used to travel on foot.  It was designed to be conveniently carried around by travelers, and then became quite popular.  The castle town of Odawara holds a summer festival featuring this historical lantern.  You can enjoy dance and Japanese drum performances, parade and local specialties at stalls.  When it gets dark, the lanterns displayed along the moat are lit up bringing a fantastic atmosphere.

Photo: Odawara Lantern Festival

城下町を彩る 小田原ちょうちん夏まつり




Lotus Flowers Glistening with Morning Dew at Sankei-en Garden  

Sankei-en is a vast Japanese-style garden located close to Yokohama.  Mainly on weekends of July and August, early-morning lotus viewing events take place in the Garden.  Lotus is considered a noble flower, referred to as a flower of the saint in India and of a prince in China.  The flower fully opens at around 7:00 in the morning, and completely closes by noon.  With full-fledged summer just around the corner, it will be nice to get up early to see the beautiful lotus flowers.  For kids, there are fun events using lotus leaves.  Also noted is the special breakfast served at cafés in the garden only for this season.            

Photo: Lotus at Yokohama Sankei-en

朝露に輝く蓮 横浜三渓園





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