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Meet the Breathtaking Techniques---“Miya-bori”     

Exquisite wood carvings on shrine and temple buildings are called “miya-bori”.  Its highly artistic quality and elaborate techniques are drawing world-wide attention.  In a number of historic shrines and temples of Kanagawa remain various works of miya-bori, which were created by invited prominent sculptors or those who had been trained in the prefecture.  Encounter the works that amaze the world with superb techniques in Kanagawa.

Photo: Miya-bori




参考:神奈川県観光情報 神奈川NOW http://www.kanagawa-kankou.or.jp/miyabori/about.php


Lily Mound in Kana Garden  

Kana Garden is a perfect destination to enjoy seasonal flowers and greeneries.  In the spacious garden, lilies are at their best in June.  With about one hundred kinds of colorful flowers, the area is full of sweet scent of lilies.  Why don’t you come to Kana Garden and see the various types of lilies, which will come into bloom one after another until August?             

Photo: Lilies of Kana Garden

花菜ガーデン ユリの小山



花菜ガーデン http://www.kana-garden.com/


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