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Join Our Comedy Video Contest “Laugh-in! WW Stadium!!”


Logo: Kana-chan TVIn commemoration of the first anniversary of “Kana-chan TV” website, Kanagawa Prefectural Government is holding a comedy video contest to increase viewers and promote a “Smile Kanagawa” society where everyone can live happily.


The contest aims to invite videos full of smiles and viewers of Kana-chan TV smile, too.


Anyone who loves Kanagawa, in addition to those who live, study, work in the prefecture, can send entry.  Videos of any genre will be accepted if they are made to produce laughter.  There is only one rule: Anything associated with Kanagawa should be the theme of laughter or used in the topic to produce laughter.


Photo: WW StadiumWinner of the best prize will be given a right to perform together with a comic duo “Igo-shogi” of a major entertainment production company Yoshimoto, who are serving as “Kanagawa Reporter on Special Mission” on Kana-chan TV.


The submitted videos will be uploaded on Kana-chan TV upon arrival at the secretariat of WW (LOL) Stadium.


The best prize work will be selected from videos having a large number of view counts on Kana-chan TV.   Characters of a special contents animation “Kanakana Family”, K.P.G.’s PR mascot character “Kanagawa Kintaro” and K.P.G. announcers vote to decide the best picture.


We welcome your entries full of smiles.  Please also visit Kana-chan TV to view the submitted works.


For detailed information, visithttp://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/cnt/f536511/



No Culling of Animals in 2016 Again! 


Photo: No culling this year, againAt Kanagawa Prefectural Animal Protection Center, the number of dogs and cats which had to be culled was zero in FY2016.  The number remains zero for four years since FY2013 as for dogs, and three years since FY2014 as for cats.


Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) takes our effort a step further and build a new Animal Protection Center, changing it from a facility to cull animals to a one to save them.


Photo: No culling this year, againThe existing Animal Protection Center is over 40 years old.  Dogs are brought and put in a dark basement, and wait until they find a new foster family feeling uneasy.  To improve this situation, the new Center will have a light and hygienic room and a dog run where dogs can race around happily in the sun.  In addition, the new center will be a convenient and comfortable facility for the volunteer staff, who played the most important roles in realizing zero culling for theses four years.  Through these efforts, we aim to make a facility where more dogs and cats can meet their new family.


Photo: No culling this year, againFor construction of the new Animal Protection Center, K.P.G. established “Kanagawa Animal Protection Center Construction Fund”.  We hope that our effort to establish the new facility as a hall of animal protection will lead to development of  a circle of animal welfare.


Photo: No culling this year, againWe wish to make our dream come true with your assistance.

Why don’t you give us a helping hand to create a home to make animals really happy?

Credit card is available to make a donation.  Please visit the following websites for details.



Kanagawa Prefectural Government would appreciate your cooperation to our efforts for animal protection.




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