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Come and Join Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017 on May 20 & 21!

Photo: Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017

Earth Festa Kanagawa is an event to think about and experience multicultural co-existence society.  The venue is Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship, or Earth Plaza, and Yokohama City Sakae-ku Cultural Center Lilis, near Hongodai Sta.


Earth Festa has been held annually since 2000.  The main theme is creation of opportunities where citizens with various nationalities and cultural backgrounds can gather, meet, express their own culture and ways of thinking, and understand each other to establish multicultural co-existence society.

Photo: Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017


The characteristic feature of this event is that it is planned and organized by many volunteer staff, including foreign residents, members of ethnic groups and NGOs and prefectural citizens in the area.  Under the theme of “multicultural co-existence society nurtured by citizens”, they work together to organize the event, which is held for the 18th time this year.

Photo: Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017


A variety of programs are planned for this year, too, such as opening event with music performance by a band from nearby Prefectural Hakuyo High School, ethnic music and dance stage performances and presentation of a movie depicting friendship transcending national and generational boubdaries.  There are also forums and workshops on multicultural coexistence and exhibitions under the theme of “Expanding exchange from various aspects”.

Photo: Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017


Moreover, at the participation-type workshops on “child’s play”, “music performance”, “dance” and “craft making” of the world, anybody from children to adults can have fun.  Why don’t you join the Festa and try the flavor at the world food stall, enjoy shopping at the World Bazaar?  You can experience, learn or eat something new.

Photo: Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017


Earth Festa Kanagawa is admission-free, open from 10:00 to 17:00 on both days.  The venue is 1-2-1, Kosugaya, Sakae-ku, Yokohama City.  (On the immediate left of Hongodai Sta. on the JR Negishi Line)


For inquiry, contact Earth Festa Kanagawa 2017 Executive Committee at 045-210-3748 (closed on Sat. and Sun.)




WHO & Kanagawa UHC Leadership Program Held at Shonan Village! 


Photo: UHC Leadership ProgramKanagawa Prefectural Government is promoting “Healthcare New Frontier” policy with an aim to overcome challenges arising from a super-aged society.  As part of various measures to this end, we are working with World Health Organization, and held “WHO & Kanagawa UHC Leadership Program” at Shonan Village from March 27 until 31, 2017.  The Program aimed to develop human resources in the field of healthcare and medical policy who can play active roles in the international arena.


UHC stands for universal health coverage, a state that all people can receive health services they need, such as disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services, whenever necessary at affordable prices. (definition by WHO)

Photo: UHC Leadership Program


Government officers responsible for healthcare and medical policy gathered at nature-rich Shonan from Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia.  Healthcare experts from Japan also joined the event, which was conducted all in English.  Participants had discussions and presentations in the common language, and the program was really suitable for the purpose of the event, which was to develop international human resources.

Photo: UHC Leadership Program


Discussions on various themes, such as national-level challenges they face and qualifications of leadership, were main part of the program.  They also visited medical institutions in Kanagawa for observation.  On the final day, the participants were divided into groups to do recreational activities to see their cooperativeness.  Radio gymnastic exercise, a unique practice of Japan, was included in the program for a change of pace, which created friendly atmosphere.  At the party following the program, all of them got close with each other and nurtured ties transcending national boundaries.


We will keep in contact and make use of this network in the future activities of K.P.G.




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