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Departure Ceremony of Spring Traffic Safety Campaign     

On April 5, Yokohama Red-brick Warehouse was filled with officers on police motorcycles and cars.  The departure ceremony, which is held prior to the annual spring campaign to promote traffic safety, boosts the spirit of police officers and raises awareness of citizens.  Just after the ceremony, the squads departed for traffic control and regulation activities.  Let’s keep traffic safety in mind so that new pupils and kindergarteners can commute without worry!

Photo: Spring traffic safety campaign





Fujino Potters “Here and There” Fair  

Fujino, which is located in Midori-ku, Sagamihara City, is a town of art.  It has nurtured art placing great value on it, and a number of creative artists live there.  On the third Saturday in May every year, Fujino Potters “Here and There” Fair is held to showcase a variety of works.  Why don’t you visit this increasingly popular pottery fair, and make a round of visits to ateliers and shops enjoying the lush greenery and unique works?             

Photo: Pottery fair in Fujino




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