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Awarded Works of Hakone Geopark Photo Contest     

Geopark is a place where you can learn about and fully enjoy the earth, or geo.  Hakone of Kanagawa Prefecture, which is known as an international resort, is designated as a Japanese Geopark together with Odawara, Manazuru, Yugawara and Minami-ashigara.  Hakone Geopark Photo Contest took place this year, too,  and received many entries of great works.  Please have a look at the works displaying the history of earth’s activities, and come to actually see the locations!

Photo: Hakone Geopark Photo Contest prize winning works





Boasting Superb Views!  New Prefectural Park Just Opened  

Yamakita Tsuburano-koen Park has just made its debut in Yamakita Town, western part of Kanagawa Prefecture.  It is one of the best-view urban parks of the prefecture.  You can see wonderful sceneries of Mt. Fuji and Mt. Ono-yama from its “Sakura-yama Viewing Square”.  “Tsutsuji-yama Viewing Square” also commands a good view of Sagami Bay.  In the playground, you can enjoy physical activities to the full in the nature.  Many people visited the park for the opening event on March 25.  When flowers blossom, the Park is sure to bustle with viewers.            

Photo: Yamakita Tsuburano Park




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