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“Together”---A Message from KANAGAWA    A Promotional Video of Kanagawa Just Released!


In cooperation with the prefectural citizens, Kanagawa Prefectural Government is working to create a society where people from various countries and regions can live together in harmony mutually understanding and respecting diverse values and cultures.


Located adjacent to Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture has great access to Haneda Airport and well-developed transportation networks, such as railways and expressways.   Kanagawa boasts abundant nature, like the ocean of Shonan and mountains of Hakone, as well as cities with long history.   Kanagawa is also a perfect place for business activities.  Many foreign companies select Kanagawa as their base in Japan as it has excellent business environment.

Photo: Kanagawa PR video

To convey these attractive features of Kanagawa to people and companies overseas, we created a promotional video.


Photo: Kanagawa PR videoThe video was made with the cooperation of people of various nationalities.  Governor Yuji Kuroiwa also appears in the video.  They sing and dance together to express that Kanagawa is a place where many citizens are enjoying living together.  It also aims to send a message that Kanagawa is committed to welcome human resources and businesses from abroad by showing various charms of Kanagawa.

Photo: Kanagawa PR video

You can see the video on YouTube.  It is available in “Kana-chan TV”, a webpage of Kanagawa Prefectural Government, too.





For those who want to know about investment in the prefecture, we opened a website that provides information on industrial premises and rental offices.  Please also visit the site.


URL:  http://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/osirase/0612/business/



How about a Stylish Life with a Taste of Country Life in Kanagawa? 


Kanagawa is one of the prefectures where society aging is advancing most rapidly in Japan with a declining birthrate.  Though population will continue increasing for a few more years in the whole prefecture, there are cities and towns that are already seeing decrease in population.  Against this backdrop, we are making promotional efforts to encourage people to move and live in Kanagawa.


Kanagawa has attractive regions which have advantages of both city and countryside.

Photo: Life in Kanagawa

For example, the western part of Kanagawa is represented by castle town of Odawara, where you can feel the tradition of history and culture.  At the same time you can enjoy the ocean, mountain and river, and especially the great taste of abundant harvest from the ocean.


Photo: Life in Kanagawa

The Miura Peninsula region is known as a beach resort near the metropolitan area.  Marine sports are very popular in this region, and people enjoy surfing even before going to work.  This area is also known for its outdoor-grown vegetables such as Miura-daikon Japanese radish, cabbage, etc. which are rich in minerals from the ocean.  With the mild climate and abundant nature, both areas offer best environment for child rearing.


Some cities and towns in these areas are actively conducting promotions so that many people outside Kanagawa will know their attractive features.  They offer trial programs such as free bus tours and free rent of housing, aiming to encourage people to move to Kanagawa.


Photo: Life in Kanagawa

In addition, “A taste of country life, Kanagawa Life Support Center” was established inFurusato-kaiki(Return-to-hometown) Support Center in JR Yurakucho Sta. in Tokyo in the hope of promoting move to these regions and areas with decreasing population.   The center is staffed with a special adviser, who provides information on life and work in Kanagawa as well as consultation services for moving to the prefecture, mainly to people living or working in Tokyo.


Photo: Life in Kanagawa

The curved coast line stretching from Miura Peninsula in the east to Yugawara in the west, beautiful mountain range in Tanzawa-oyama and Hakone, and rich history and versatile culture which have taken root in people’s life.  These are part of features Kanagawa can offer.


Though located close to the metropolitan area, Kanagawa has a stylish and a bit countrylike atmosphere.  We look forward to welcoming you here!


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