Kanagawa Updates (Mar. '21)



Plays, Musicals, etc. by OriHime and Senior Actors Online!
Supporting Realization of an Inclusive Society with the Power of MAGCUL even under the Influence of COVID-19!

   Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) is promoting realization of an inclusive society through Magnet Culture programs, or MAGCUL in short, which aim to create a vibrant community by attracting people with the power of art and culture.  Currently, theatrical performances made to this end which all people can join regardless of disabilities or age are offered online, free of charge.  (This program is carried out taking COVID-19 infection prevention measures.)


recitationRecitation performance with OriHime (work by people with disabilities/recitation)
   An actress Ryoko Fujino and Sae, a pilot who remote controls OriHime, recite a story of a little king who gives questions to the main character “me”.  A new style of video work is distributed online.  OriHime is an avatar robot developed by Ory Lab Inc.  Equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker, OriHime can be remote controlled through the Internet.


senior actorsPerformances by senior actors (Senior citizens/drama and dance)
   Performances by theatrical groups that consist of members 60 years of age or older who live/work in Kanagawa, which were launched in the inclusive society creation program.  Works by Yokosuka Senior Theatrical Group “Yossha!”, Ayase Senior Theatrical Group, Odawara Senior Theatrical Group “Chiriaku Oldies” and Senior Dance Planning “Challenge of the Silver” are offered.


   Please also enjoy works made with people with disabilities, and videos made under the theme of foreign action rhymes that viewers can learn international culture from.


Distribution schedule
[Title/performing group (starting date)]                              

・“Never seen Nov. 3 like this!” by Yokosuka Senior Theatrical Group “Yossha!”
   (Thur., Feb. 25)

・Dengeki Creation Project by People with Disabilities
   (Sun., Feb. 7, 14, 28)

・“Play singing songs of the world” by Kanagawa Action Rhyme Project
   (Fri., Mar. 5, 12, 19)

seniors practicing・“Dojo-ji Temple---Wish to touch but cannot” by Ayase Senior Theatrical Group 
  (Sun., Mar. 7)

・“A little king” by Reading Cinema (Sun., Mar. 14)

・Odawara Senior Theatrical Group “Chiriaku oldies”
  (Wed., Mar. 24) *Title TDB

・Senior Dance Planning “Challenge of the silver”
   (Sun., Mar. 28) *Title TDB


   The distribution schedule is subject to change.  See details at https://kyosei-kyoso.jp/events/ (in Japanese)



Here are the Winners!  Recipe Contest of Vegetable Snacks and Sweets


   Kanagawa Prefectural Government is promoting programs to “improve ME-BYO” to extend healthy longevity of the citizens.  Balanced diet is an important factor of this effort.  However, a survey shows a truly disappointing result.  Of all the prefectures, the ratio of kids who don’t like vegetables is largest in Kanagawa!  (Survey by Kagome Co., Ltd., 2019)


sweets contest1   In response to the result, Ken-o Region Prefectural Administration Center held “Vegetable Snacks and Sweets Recipe Contest” in cooperation with Kagome Co., Ltd., Sagami Women’s University, Rembrandt Hotel Management Co., Ltd. and Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) of the region, aiming to increase vegetable consumption and promote ME-BYO improvement, as well as vitalize the regional economy by local consumption of local products.  The final judgement and commendation ceremony took place on February 5. 


   The five entries, which had been selected through the first screening, were voted from the public on Twitter in the second screening.  The scores given by the judges who actually tasted them were added to the second screening scores, and the prize-winning recipes were decided as below.


First prize 
"Have a bite with single hand!  Diced radish pie"


Second prize
"Chewy vegetable balls" (Tomato & basil, sesame & broccoli and leak & bacon)


ME-BYO improvement prize
"Broccoli and radish mousse"


Tasty & showy prize
"Cake from the farm"


Easy-to-make prize
"Chewy radish pancakes"

sweets contest2


   The menu of the first prize is planned to be served at three Rembrandt Hotels in Atsugi, Ebina and Machida.  And printout of all the five finalist recipes will be available at JA’s farmers’ market.  You can also see the recipes in detail on the website of Ken-o Region Prefectural Administration Center.  Try these recipes, enjoy cooking and eating a lot of vegetables!