Kanagawa Updates (Jul. '20)



Offering Prize Money Totaling \1 Million!  Come on, Artists, Let's Express Support for Essential Workers through "Virtual Open Zone"

virtual kaihoku

   Kanagawa Prefectural Government is promoting Magnet Culture programs, “MAGCUL” in short, with an aim to attract people and create a bustling region with the power of art and culture.  As part of the programs, we have offered Sunday’s pedestrian precinct in front of K.P.G. office along Nihon-odori Avenue as “MAGCUL Open Zone”, a space where people can demonstrate music, dance and street performances freely.


   Presently, in an effort to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus infection, MAGCUL Open Zone on the Nihon-odori Avenue is temporarily closed.  Instead, we have shifted the stage from the street to the website and opened as “Virtual Open Zone” to invite videos from artists and distribute them.  We accept entries in all genres of art and culture created to express support and appreciation to people working for prevention of the novel coronavirus infection.  The submitted videos are screened for prizes.


[Entry conditions]
Both amateur and professional artists from any place of residence can apply.

Must be a video of five minutes or shorter in any genres of art and culture (music, dance, street performance, painting, photography, play, traditional folk art performance, etc.) created to express support and appreciation to essential workers*.
*Essential workers are those engaged in the fields of occupation which are necessary to maintain social life, such as healthcare and welfare like nursing, child care and care for people with disabilities.

The phrase “Kanagawa Virtual Open Zone (神奈川『バーチャル開放区』) ” must be expressed or shown somewhere in the video”

In principle, newly created works must be submitted.

Please avoid "3Cs" of crowded places, closed spaces and close-contact settings in making the video by shooting at home, etc.


[Entry period and how to apply]
Entries are accepted from Mon., June 1 to Fri., July 31, 2020.

Please upload the video on YouTube by yourself first, and enter the URL in the application form.

Please visit the website below for detailed information and application.
   MAGCUL Open Zone website: https://kaihouku.pref.kanagawa.jp/


We wait for applications from many artists!