Kanagawa Updates (Feb. '20)



Winning First Place in the Top Ten Ranking of Important Prefectural Government News in 2019!  Senior Theater Groups in Action


   Kanagawa Prefectural Government is promoting creation of an inclusive society through “Magnet Culture (MagCul)” programs aimed to attract people with the power of art and culture and vitalize the region.


   To this end, we started a project in fiscal year 2018 that anyone from children to adults can join and enjoy performing arts regardless of age and disability, with an aim to achieve the objective of “living together, creating together” in the field of art and culture.  In fiscal year 2019, various programs were performed, such as a drama, puppet show, music, dance, etc. by the elderly or people with disabilities.



   Furthermore, “Yokosuka Senior Theater Group Yossha!” and “Ayase Senior Theater Group Moromi-koji-za”, based in Yokosuka City and Ayase City in Kanagawa were formed in July and September in 2019.  All the members are 60 years of age or older.  The members are given a wide range of lessons of the basics of drama, vocal training, dancing and theatrical combat by professional trainers who lead the groups.  Following the interim presentation in November and December, they will give performance to show the results of practice in February and March in 2020.


   Another senior group of dancing “Challenge of the Silver” was formed led by Ms. Yoko Ando, a world-renowned dancer living in Kanagawa.  They are working on physical expression activities through dancing, and will have the presentation session in March, too.


On stage   The topic of the senior theater groups won the first place in the top ten ranking of important prefectural government news of 2019, which was voted by Kanagawa citizens.  In the presentations in February and March, they will give performances created by the members’ personality matured through their long and rich experiences of life.  Please enjoy the wonderful show of the active seniors.


For more details, please visit
https://www.pref.kanagawa.jp/docs/yi4/bunka/kyouseikyousou/top.html (Japanese)



Welcome to Kanagawa!  “Kanagawa MIRAI Campaign”


   In Kanagawa Prefecture, about 70,000 babies are born every year.  Hoping they will feel happy to have been born here in the future, and with the wish and resolution for creating a bright future of Kanagawa for them, “Kanagawa Mirai Campaign”was started.  Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) is supporting the campaign which is conducted jointly by Television Kanagawa (TVK) and cooperative association Pal System Kanagawa Yume Co-op (Pal System).  This campaign aims to provide childrearing assistance and solution in daily life of the families in the prefecture.



   In the campaign, all the babies can receive a “First-time box” for free on the concept of “Thank you to all babies born in Kanagawa!”  All families can receive the box if they apply.  We will deliver the “First-time box” with various baby goods in it offered by cooperating companies and organizations to convey our celebration and support parenting to the family.

   The box is designed with the illustration of sceneries unique to Kanagawa, such as Enoshima island and Tanzawa mountains.  After using all goods in the box, you can keep it as a time capsule to store your baby’s “first” goods as a memory.


   Families of a baby who was/will be born on January 1, 2020 or later, and who are living in Kanagawa Prefecture on the days of application and receipt of the box are eligible.  Application is accepted in six months from the birth.  Please apply through the special website of TVK.  Pal System Staff will deliver it to you from late February.


   Through the box, information on K.P.G.’s programs for childrearing support is also provided.  Please click on the link for application.
http://www.tvk-yokohama.com/mirai (in Japanese)