Kanagawa Updates (May '19)



Think Together about Kanagawa ―Message from Governor Kuroiwa―

governor kuroiwa

      Following the last election, I took office as Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture for the third term with the trust of the prefectural citizens, gaining as many as 2.25 million votes.  I consider the result as the evaluation by the citizens of these eight years of administrative policies, which I have been promoting in close cooperation with the prefectural officials.  At the same time, I am telling to myself to be humble, brace myself and work hard on my responsibility, keeping the first year’s resolution in mind.


      This time, I ran for the election with the slogan of “Revitalize our community and create an era of happy centenarians full of laughter”.  Let’s see the miraculous case of Yokohama Wakabadai-danchi housing complex.  In spite of the high aging rate of 48%, the ratio of its residents certified as care-requiring has been decreased.  This was made possible through the active commitment by the residents’ association.  We can learn from this example how important a strong community is.


      In addition, as seen in the research report on the significance of laughing for your health, it is important to bring more laughter into our lives and create a happy and vibrant era of centenarians.  During the campaign, I was aiming to create a flow to spread laughter to all over the prefecture.  Holding a picture panel for Instagram (a photo-sharing app), I asked people passing by to take a photo with me, and about 2,000 people kindly joined me for the photos with hearty laughter.  I posted them on the Social Networking Sites and made it proliferate.


      From now on, I will make specific measures to promote this policy in cooperation with the municipalities, neighborhood associations and various other organizations.  While visiting many places for the campaign, I had wonderful encounters with people making efforts for regeneration of their community.  There were also groups actively promoting laughter in the community.  Through sharing information on these activities with as many citizens as possible and providing stages for their mutual exchange, I will build up effective measures to realize my vision.

(Article from "Ken-no Tayori (Newsletter from Kanagawa)")



Seicho’s Restoration Completed!  The Ceremonial Chamber Retrieved Splendor of the Old Days when Tower of King was Constructed!


 seicho in the old days  Kanagawa Prefectural Government (K.P.G.) Main Building, constructed in 1928 and nicknamed “Tower of King”, is one of the nation's registered tangible cultural properties.  “Seicho”, or the ceremonial chamber, is located at the center on the fourth floor of the main building.  When the building was constructed, Seicho was used for the ceremonies of the New Year’s Day, the day when Emperor Jinmu, Japan’s first emperor, ascended the throne, and the birthday of the Emperor.  At Hoan-den* in the room, the Imperial portrait used to be enshrined and worshipped.
*A space to enshrine portraits of the Emperor and Empress and the Imperial Rescript on Education in prewar Japan.


   Seicho is a time-honored room that compares with the Large Conference Room, the former assembly hall.  However, the chamber was renovated to be used as an office room after WWII, and the original feature had been lost over a long period.  With an aim to conserve and utilize the main building as a historical structure with enhanced value and attractiveness as cultural property, it was decided to restore the interior decoration of Seicho while remaining the original materials as much as possible.


renewed seicho   In the restoration, the coffered ceiling, which shows high formality of the room, wall cloth, wall clock, chandelier and other decorative lightings were restored to the original conditions.  The room incorporates Japanese and western styles as shown by the coffered ceiling, a typical Japanese style decoration, and the western chandelier.  The chandelier, which had been removed since 1998, was installed again after being disassembled and cleaned.  The stage in front of Hoan-den was also restored.  The floor, after polished, was partially given the mosaic pattern, and the wall was finished to be uneven surface using cork chips.  The walls of Hoan-den, vertical long windows and the wall in front of the attached rooms are decorated with curtains.


   The restored Seicho will be used for important events of the prefectural government, including meetings with overseas guests such as ambassadors, ceremonies of agreement conclusion or joint press conference with companies, and conferences with mayors of the municipalities in the prefecture.


   Seicho made its debut in the preview event in April, and was opened to the public in K.P.G.’s open house in the consecutive national holidays in May.  Many people visited K.P.G. to see the reborn chamber.