What is “Kanagawa International Fan Club”?


What is “Kanagawa International Fan Club”?




“Kanagawa International Fan Club” is a network of foreign people who are familiar with
Kanagawa, such as those who are studying in the prefecture, and Japanese people who are
supporting these people. The Club members send out and exchange information on attractive features of Kanagawa and promote their interaction. Through the Club, we aim to establish the network to link Kanagawa with the world, and create even more vibrant prefecture together with foreign nationals who have ties with Kanagawa and the people supporting them.

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Who are the members? 

If you are a foreign national and have a link with Kanagawa in some way, for example, you
“want to do something for Kanagawa” or you “like Kanagawa very much”, you are welcomed
as a member of the Club!

The members are…

  • International students who are studying in Kanagawa
  • Trainees from overseas who are studying in Kanagawa
  • Those who studied in Kanagawa
  • Those who received training in Kanagawa
  • Foreign nationals living in and outside Japan who have a link with the prefecture

No admission, no annual membership fee !

Membership Registarion

Who are the supporting members?

Any organizations and individuals supporting international students, etc., including NPOs, private companies, hospitals and welfare facilities, that agree with the aim of the Club are welcomed as supporting members. We ask the supporting members for assistance for exchange events for the Club members and observation tours, provision of goods, and reception of the members as supporting family.

Supporting Membership Registration

If you become a member ...

Various information is provided to the members.

  • E-mail newsletters carrying latest topics on tourism, K.P.G.’s measures and policies,
    and support programs for international students, etc. will be delivered to you.
  • ”Fan Club” website offers information useful for finding a job, place to live, etc. and
    meeting people in Kanagawa. . Members can join the “Fan Club” events and programs to support international students hosted by K.P.G.

かながわ国際ファンクラブ Kanagawa International Fan Club Website

利用時間 Opening Hours

  • 火曜から金曜 Tuesday to Friday 11:00-20:00
  • 土曜及び日曜 Saturday and Sunday 11:00-18:00

※月曜及び県民センター休館日はおやすみです。 Monday off

横浜市神奈川区鶴屋町2-24-2 かながわ県民センター2階

  • 未病の改善
  • ヘルスケア・ニューフロンティア
  • さがみロボット産業特区
  • 県西地域活性化プロジェクト
  • かながわスマートエネルギー計画
  • 東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック競技大会
  • ラグビーワールドカップ2019
  • 神奈川県発、アート・カルチャーメディア「マグカル」
  • ともに生きる社会かながわ憲章
  • SDGs未来都市 神奈川県 SDGs FutureCity Kanagawa