Information for Sailors from overseas


Notice Related to COVID-19

・Please check the information of your own country first. Infomation from Immigration Services Agency of Japan is;

・Before entering Japan, please be sure to check "Handbook for travelers to Prevent COVID-19 infection";

Notice on use of Shonan Port (Enoshima Yacht Harbor)

Onshore berths for visitors at Enoshima Yacht Harbor is available for training until January 2021.

However, maximum use is one week at the moment.

Please fill in the form at least a week before training because the number of visitor berths is limited.


Pay the training fee at the harbor registration on the day of arrival by cash or credit card.


The fees per boat/day (24 hours);

 ・Nacra17 : JPY 1,630

 ・Finn, Laser, Laser Radial : JPY 1,200

 ・470, 49er, 49erFX : JPY 1,490

 ※RS:X class is basically not available.


Coach boat can be stored on the mooring berth in the harbor.

The fees per boat/day (24 hours);

 ・Coach boat (5.5m-6.0m)<berth> : JPY 2,560

 ・Coach boat (6.0m-6.5m)<berth> : JPY 3,470


Other fees;

 ・Crane (single use JPY 2,830)

 ・High Pressure Washing Machine (2 hours use JPY 3,670)

 ・Forklift (1 hour use JPY 1,020)

 ・Coach boat Trailer ( JPY 510 per day)

 ・Shower (single use JPY 220)

 ・Lockers for Sails and Gears (Large:JPY 510, Medium:JPY 300, Small:JPY 200 per day)


Be sure to indicate your country code on the boats and trailers.

Follow the local rules


Notice of Field of Play for Training

Please be sure to check fishing operations on Enoshima water;

Notice on use of Enoshima Container Area

We will accept a few containers on a first-come-first-served until 30th April 2021.

Please be sure to contact us in advance because the vacant area is limited.

Please send the Application form(PDF:226KB),(Word:16KB) to

※Existing Containers can be placed until 31st March 2021 (The date may be extended).

Enoshima Container users should comply with the following terms.

In case of violation, we will prohibit the use of container area.

The terms;

 ・We accept one container per country on a first-come-first-served basis this fiscal year (till 31st March 2021).

  However, exeptions apply to containers existed before 31st March 2020.

 ・Send the Application form at least 3 weeks before the carry IN date.

 ・Electricity is not provided. If you bring your own generator, please indicate in the application form and follow the rules below.

     -The capacity of the tanks must be less than 40ℓ for gasoline and 200ℓ for light oil.

     -Preliminary fuel should not be kept in order to avoid danger of explosion.

     -Follow the noise regulation. (Less than 60db for 6:00-8:00, 65db for 8:00-18:00, 60db for 18:00-23:00, 50db for 23:00-6:00)

 ・Don't leave garbage in the Container Area.

 ・No smoking in the Container Area.

 ・No BBQ, bonfire, or any other acts that use fire outdoor in the Container Area.

 ・Users shall be responsible for any losses and troubles that may occur through the use of the Container Area.


Storage fee;

 JPY 7,000 per week

 ※Please inform at least 3 weeks in advance for cancellation or any your reservation.


Kanagawa Prefecture, owner of Shonan Port and Container Area

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